Junior High Wrestling: Reed-Custer splits Dual with Bradley-Central, Minooka

by Scott R Schultz

Junior High Wrestling: Reed-Custer splits Dual with Bradley-Central, Minooka

The Reed-Custer Wrestling Panthers hosted Minooka and Bradley Central on Tuesday night.  The Panthers opened facing Minooka and got the team victory by a score of 57-45, and were then defeated 62-31 by Bradley Central in a hard fought contest. 

The split puts the Panthers team dual record to 3-1. 


Reed-Custer 57 Minooka 45

65lbs Walls (Min) Forfeit 0-6
70lbs Begler (RC) Forfeit 6-6
75lbs Billingsley (RC) Forfeit 12-6
80lbs Pucel (Min) Dec. over E. Pfeiffer (RC) 9-3 12-9
85lbs Bosak (Min) Dec. over Eggleston (RC) 8-6 12-12
90lbs Tribble (RC) Fall over Pomato (Min) 2:27 18-12
95lbs Markle (RC) Fall over Alessio (Min) 1:38 24-12
100lbs Walls (Min) Fall over Kuchar (RC) :49 24-18
105lbs Tribe (RC) Fall over Blahut (Min) :39 30-18
112lbs Moorman (RC) Dec. over Sunsais (Min) 13-9 33-18
119lbs R. Pfeifer (RC) Fall over Murphy (Min) 2:25 39-18
126lbs DeShazer (Min) Fall over J. Pfeiffer (RC) 3:03 39-24
135lbs Windsor (RC) Fall over Adellman (Min) :31 45-24
145lbs Trest (Min) Dec. over Jo. Aylward (RC) 6-1 45-27
155lbs Hinder (Min) Fall over Zier (RC) 2:25 45-33
167lbs Moore (Min) Fall over Perona (RC) 1:39 45-39
185lbs  Marschner (RC) Fall over Avilez (Min) 51-39
215lbs Berg (RC) Forfeit 57-39
275lbs Jones (Min) Forfeit 57-45

Reed-Custer 31 Bradley Central 62

65lbs Schubert (BC) Forfeit 0-6
70lbs Cole (BC) Fall over Begler (RC) 3:20 0-12
75lbs Spacht (BC) Fall over Billingsley (RC) 2:26 0-18
80lbs E. Pfeiffer (RC) Fall over Ownbey (BC) 2:30 6-18
85lbs Yonke (BC) Tech. Fall over Eggleston (RC) TF 4:00 6-23
90lbs Lawryn (BC) Dec. over Tribble (RC) OT 9-4 6-26
95lbs Helsing (RC) Maj. Dec. over Anderson (BC) 12-1 10-26
100lbs Simmons (BC) Fall over Kuchar (RC) 2:10 10-32
105lbs Conroy (BC) Dec. over Tribe (RC) 8-6 10-35
112lbs Kazupski (BC) Fall over Moorman (RC) 2:58 10-41
119lbs Randle EL (BC) Fall over R. Pfeifer (RC) 2:53 10-47
126lbs J. Pfeiffer (RC) Fall over Krause (BC) 2:10 16-47
135lbs Windsor (RC) fall over Smith (BC) :51 22-47
145lbs Scivally (BC) Fall over Jo. Aylward (RC) 1:50 22-53
155lbs Keeton (BC) Fall over Zier (RC) 1:24 22-59
167lbs Cobert (BC) Dec. over Perona (RC) 8-5 22-62
185lbs Double FFT 22-62
215lbs Berg (RC) Dec. over Sanchez (BC) 1-0 25-62
275lbs Housman (RC) Forfeit 31-62

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